恬恬跟Fabian從來沒有信任問題,因為我打從心底感受的到這男人很愛我,所以我不曾擔心他會做傷害我的事情,而且他的朋友我幾乎全見過了:P 我們最開始談戀愛時,就跟彼此說了生活作息跟活動,所以常常我根本不用問就知道Fabian在做什麼,他還以為我裝針孔攝影機監視他勒XDDD


*祝福大家可以遇到對的人,永遠甜蜜蜜 :)女孩兒你也加油喔!


Trust between couples heart 表情符號

Recently a girl was fighting with her bf about trust issues. They also have some other problems which they haven't solved so at the end they might break up.

Many couples which have long-distance relationships are facing trust problems or insecurity. What can they do to reduce the feeling of insecurity? Fabian and I discussed about it and we think that couples should share everything with each other and be honest to each other. This way one can know the other person better and feel closer to them. When one knows the daily routines and activities the other person does, he/she won't be insecure. You won't be worried what your lover might be doing right now or why at this moment he/ she doesn't text you.

I know that some girls feel insecure, especially when you don't see your lover in person. So they might want to know their bf's passwords of his social accounts or email. This way girls can track their bf and know who they are talking to. Maybe asking their bfs directly what they are doing as a way to care about their life and show they respect them might be better than doing it secretly. Or what do you think? If your bf really loves you, I'm sure they will still give their passwords to you. But maybe after a while they might think it's too much and they don't have their freedom. But thats only our thoughts and experience. Maybe you have a better way!

Do you have any constructive or helpful way to reduce distrust and insecurity between couples?

For me and Fabian, we never had trust issue. I can notice and feel how much Fabian loves me. So I never worry that he will do anything to hurt me. Especially I've met almost his friends tongue 表情符號 At the beginning when we were together, we shared with each other our daily life. So I don't need to ask what is he doing now becuz I knew already. Sometimes he thinks that I set up a invisible camera on him hehehhe






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